How To Find The Best Restaurants While You Are On Vacation And Shopping

Part of going on vacation often includes finding some little treasures or trinkets you can buy and bring home as souvenirs. Shopping requires a lot of walking, riding, driving and tracking down unique boutiques, especially if shopping is a regular thing when you go on holiday. That can make a person very hungry, but where should you dine? Here are some tips on how to find the best restaurants while you are on vacation and shopping.

Really Observe Where You Are

Many restaurants, including privately owned establishments, like to situate themselves in and around shopping districts and shopping avenues. As you stroll along looking in store windows, stop and take a look around you. Notice where various little bistros and the like are located. If necessary, make a mental note, a digital note or a paper note of the restaurants that look promising and then note the two closest intersecting streets.

Get a Close-up Read of the Menus

Many privately-owned establishments will post their menus on the front doors or on the windows near the front door. If you see a restaurant that really interests you, read the menu. You will get a really good idea of the cuisine there, as well as the prices. If the restaurants have won any awards recently, or they have one to four Michelin stars, the restaurants can put this on their menus and post this in their front window or somewhere on the front of the building.

Look for the Michelin Stars

Restaurants that have earned one or more Michelin stars have cuisine that is beyond compare. Since it is a particularly competitive and intense process to earn these star ratings, you know that the restaurants that have them have earned the right to flaunt that fact. They can use it in their advertising, on their menus and even apply stars to a corner of their front windows to alert diners to their "Michelin status."

Plan a "Tour" within Your Shopping Tour

If you see more than one restaurant that you would like to experience, make a list. Plan to take a "gourmand food tour" while you are on vacation and shopping or visiting other sites nearby. With each meal, eat at a different restaurant on your list until you have experienced them all, or until your shopping and your vacation are over. That way, if you ever revisit the same cities, you know exactly what the best restaurants are and where to find them. To learn more, visit a website like