Emulate The Charm And Grace Of The South With Must-Have, Warm-Weather Garments

For a light and airy style this summer, emulate some of the fashions found in the south. Try fabrics that breathe, like organic cotton and linen, and opt for easy-care garments that won't require special laundering or care instructions. Spice-up your warm-weather wardrobe with some pieces that will give you southern flair.

Some must-have items for a touch of southern charm this season are:

Cork-sole sandals. Ladies in the south love the low cork sandals for sale, which are perfect for any type of terrain. Look for quality leather and cork options, with strap-details, buckles, and features.

A really-cute romper. For a simple ensemble that can be dressed-up or down, try a romper. These are typically one-piece top and shorts or slacks, and they can be augmented with simple accessories, belts, and footwear. Look for cotton or silk rompers for the most comfort when the temperatures rise.

The perfect hat. Every woman needs the perfect hat to complement all her summer styles. Look for straw or bamboo for a hat that won't be too hot to wear when the weather warms. In the south, big brims are in so look for the biggest, floppiest hat you can find!

A flattering wrap-dress. There are few outfits as flattering as a wrap-dress, and these clever garments flatter any figure. These dresses are versatile, so they can be worn to work, shopping, the club, or out-and-about, and they are comfortable, too. Look for a bold-color or unique pattern to bring some pizzazz to your summer attire.

A great pair of boots. Even in warm weather, you are going to need a great pair of boots. It makes most sense to go with ankle-high boots and 'booties' for summer, and these can be worn with anything from your wrap-dress to a pair of denim shorts.

A delicate shawl. Make sure that you have at least one pretty, delicate shawl in your closet for the warmer weather. These are the perfect cover up on a chilly night and they also make a great accessory-item for a sleeveless or tank-style dress. Wear your cotton or silk shawl over a swimsuit for a sweet cover-up.

A comfy caftan. Finally, the staple of any southern lady's closet is a beautiful caftan. These are widely found in a range of colors and prints, so have some fun with it! Make sure to buy quality caftans made from silk and cotton-blends, and choose those caftans with fewer embellishments to make them easier to launder.

Check online boutiques and retailers for some of these clothing essentials, that will bring charm and southern style to your wardrobe. Use these ideas to emulate the grace and comfort of the southern states, and that will create a seamless, stylish closet all summer long.