Two Tips For Your Next Beach Trip

A trip to the beach can be an excellent way to spend a day. However, it is a reality that a beach vacation can present some problems if you are not properly prepared. In particular, there are a couple of tips that you can follow when it concerns your attire that can help your beach trip be as enjoyable as possible.

Always Wear T-Shirts During The Most Intense Periods Of Sunlight

When you are on a beach vacation, you can easily find yourself wanting to spend as much time as possible outside. Unfortunately, there will be long stretches of time where the light from the sun will be extremely intense. In fact, it may be intense enough to cause you to suffer serious sunburns within minutes. Sunscreen may help to lessen this problem, but your skin may still suffer damage if it is left exposed.

A simple way of minimizing this problem is to wear a t-shirt during these parts of the day. In particular, you will want to wear a t-shirt from the late morning until mid afternoon. When choosing a shirt to wear, you should limit yourself to white or light gray shirts. Dark colored shirts will absorb much more of the sun's heat, which could put you at a higher risk of suffering heat-related illnesses. For those that are particularly susceptible to heat-related problems, it may be wise to invest in a cooling vest for these periods of time. These vests will contain cold water or ice, which will keep you comfortable.

Wash Your Beachwear Shirts After Each Day

After a long day of being in the sun and water, it can be easy to be too tired to do basic chores, such as laundry. However, washing the shirt that you wore during the day can be essential for keeping it comfortable during your trip. Over the course of a day, a large amount of sand and salt can get trapped in the fibers of the shirt. These materials can be extremely grating on the skin. Unfortunately, if you do not wash the shirt as soon as possible, these materials can become bonded to the fiber. This will make them more difficult to remove, which can lead to you needing to wash the shirt several times. By washing your beachwear as soon as you get back to your room, you can remove these materials before they bond to the fibers.  

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