3 Unique Mailbox Ideas

While a traditional mailbox can often get the job done fine, it isn't nearly as fun or personal as some other types of mailboxes. Since your home is your own and your mailbox is an extension of our home, it is important that it showcases your style and personality as well. There are several unique and fun ideas for mailboxes, and as long as they meet the basic mailbox structure codes, then you can do whatever you'd like. This article will discuss 3 unique mailbox ideas. 

Animal Mailboxes

If you are an animal lover of any kind, it can be fun to have your mailbox created to look like your favorite animal. For example, you can create a mailbox that looks like a peacock by having the head and neck attached to the top of the mailbox and tail feathers attached to the back of the mailbox.The mailbox itself will act as the body. When it comes to the materials used to create these animals, it is likely going to be best to use something strong like metal, brick, cement, or something just as strong. Metal may be best for an animal that needs intricate details, while brick or cement are great for animals that have more of a simple structure.

Bicycle Mailbox

A super fun and unique idea for a mailbox is to use an old bicycle. The bicycle can be cemented into the ground just as a regular mailbox, so that it is secure and long-lasting. You can then place the actual box for mail in between the handle bars where a basket would generally be. You can paint the bike or the box to make either stand out more, and it is a good idea to treat the metal of the bike to ensure that it is not damaged overtime by the weathering. 

Flower Garden Mailbox

If you like the idea of having a traditional mailbox, but want to spruce up the area around it, you can do so by planting a flower garden around the base of your mailbox. You can use bricks or other forms of siding to create a box around the base of the mailbox for the flowers to be planted. You can then plant enough flowers to fill the box and really stand out. This creates a great visual piece in front of your home and takes your mailbox from something boring to something beautiful. 

You can also try other options like a mid century mailbox or a classic brick mailbox. Whatever you choose, make sure that it works with the look of your house before biting the bullet.