Caring For Your New African Stone Sculpture

Investing in a high-quality African stone sculpture can be the perfect way of showing your heritage while giving your property a unique and appealing aesthetic. While these sculptures will be extremely durable, they can experience intense conditions if they are to be kept outside. For those that are wanting to add one of the sculptures to their property, it is important to be prepared for what buying and owning this type of sculpture will entail. 

Protect The Stone Against Algae And Moss

You might think that the sight of algae and moss growing on stone sculptures is appealing. However, these substances can be remarkably damaging to the stone used in these sculptures. Over the years, these materials will weaken the sculpture due to them keeping the stone moist. Every few weeks, you should thoroughly rinse the statutes to remove these substances, and you should have your sculpture professionally pressure washed every few years.

Be Mindful When Mowing The Grass Around The Sculpture

Depending on the location of your sculpture, there may be large areas of grass around it. These areas will have to be cut during the growing season, but you should be mindful of the types of damage this can cause your sculpture. A lawn mower can strike rocks and propel them with tremendous force. If one of these rocks were to strike the sculpture, it can break it or leave deep cracks in it. Due to this concern, you should take care to remove any rocks from around the sculpture before you start mowing the lawn. Another step that you may want to take is to install a rock guard on your lawn mower. This is a component that will deflect rocks thrown from the mower towards the ground, which can greatly reduce the risk of this being a source of damage to your sculpture.

Consider Using A Professional Firm To Transport And Install Large Sculptures

If you are opting to have a large sculpture placed on your property, you should be aware of the challenges that can be involved with putting it into position. These sculptures are usually made of solid stone, and this can make them extremely heavy. This can make it easy for individuals to injure themselves during this process or to accidentally drop their sculpture and damage it. As a result of these potential concerns, you may want to retain a service for installing your sculpture. These providers will have the tools needed to easily and safely put the sculpture in the desired spot.