How To Do Your Christmas Shopping On A Tight Budget

Are you feeling a bit melancholy as summer draws to a close? Perhaps you are trying to move forward by keeping in mind that there are fun holidays ahead of you. If you are already thinking about doing your Christmas shopping, you might also be concerned about the size of your bank account. From making your own gifts to buying gifts at a pawn shop, here are some ideas that might help you.

Organize Your List - It might help you to write down all the people to whom you want to give presents. But don't stop there. Divide your list into categories of those people who will receive your handmade gifts and those who will receive purchased gifts.

Think about the people on your list who will receive small gifts you make yourself. For example, if you are giving to the gals in your book club, consider making your own bookmarks. Personalize the bookmarks with the gal's names on them.

Are there men on your list who also need a small gift? Maybe you would like to give gifts to your coworkers. If so, consider making masculine bracelets out of leather strips. 

Go Shopping - Head for a pawn shop! Have you ever been in a pawn shop before? Perhaps you've shopped in a pawn shop in the past. Either way, you are bound to find great buys that you can use as Christmas presents. For example, do you have a person on your list who would love a new guitar or a set of drums? You'll probably find just what you need right in a pawn shop.

You can also find great gold jewelry in a pawn shop. For example, if you have been wanting to give somebody gold hoop earrings and gold bangle bracelets, you'll probably find a great assortment in a pawn shop, and the price will be very reasonable.

Remember, too, that you can get spending money at the pawn shop. Do you have gold you want to sell? Perhaps you have some gold jewelry that has been sitting in your jewelry box for years without being worn. If that's the case, it might be a good idea to sell that jewelry to get some of the cash you need for the upcoming holidays. And, remember, if you change your mind, you can buy the jewelry back within a specified period of time.

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