Why Camping Families Need Portable Lanterns And Not Just Flashlights

Camping remains one of the most popular outdoor activities across the country, and it's a great way to encourage the entire family to spend more time away from screens and Internet access. However, evenings can become frustrating for a family when there's a lack of light for the usual dinner and bedtime routines. You'll want to invest in a compact and portable lantern in addition to your favorite flashlights for these four reasons.

Solar Power

Want a reliable source of light that charges itself every day while you and the family are out having fun? Solar lanterns tend to produce more light than similar models designed as flashlights instead. This is because lanterns already produce a diffused light rather than an intense beam, which drains a battery faster. A small lantern only charges so much in one day no matter how bright it is outside, so the diffused light output makes better use of the power you can harvest while out camping away from sources of electricity for recharging your battery devices.

Larger Light Area

Flashlights are considered task lights, so they create a focused beam of high powered light so you can pick out a single obstacle in your path or see what's yards away on the crest of a hill. Lanterns are more general use light sources designed to brighten up an area instead of one small spot at a distance. This means that you'll have an easier time keeping an eye on the kids as they play around the campsite by having a lantern set up in the center. Everyone can share the light from the single lantern instead of carrying around half a dozen different flashlights.

Child-Friendly Design

Tired of buying new flashlights every time you plan a family camping trip because your children always lose them, regardless of how you attach them to the wrist with straps and stretchy bands. Large and lightweight LED lanterns are easy for even the youngest campers to tote around, and the bright and diffused glow makes it easy to spot a dropped lantern even during the daytime.

Hands Free Operation

Finally, it's almost impossible to hold a flashlight while you're trying to change a baby or prepare dinner on the camp stove. Lanterns sit or hang so you can use both of your hands for more important tasks. Look for a lantern that includes a down light that offers spotlight illumination directly underneath the light source in addition to the light shining out from the sides.

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