Custom Shower Pans: Fiberglass Or Tile

If you are installing a custom shower with floor to ceiling glass doors, you need to figure out what type of shower pan to use. Of course, a custom shower pan will allow you to build your shower to your exact specifications. Whether you are doing the work yourself, or hiring professional contractors to build your custom shower pan, you want to make sure that you choose the best material. This article compares fiberglass and tile, two of the best materials for custom shower pans.


A fiberglass shower pan will have to be precast by a specialist. Even though this process requires specialized work, it is still the most affordable of the two choices. Fiberglass is often used in bath and shower basins because it is affordable and durable. Fiberglass is a material that is loved because it is so easy to take care. It never needs to be painted. It doesn't need to be waterproofed. The fiberglass is coated with a vinyl or powder coat finish that is mostly scratch resistant. You can choose from a variety of colors and finishes, but fiberglass shower pans will usually be low key and subtle. If your fiberglass finish does somehow get scratched, it will be easy to patch and repair. Basically, fiberglass is a no nonsense material that is a top choice for any type of shower.


While fiberglass is dependable and durable, tile is loved by homeowners looking for material that is a little more unique and stylish. When it comes to tile shower pans, the ability to customize and add color to your floor is a huge draw. There are really no design rules when it comes to tile. Homeowners will even design their own layout, choosing custom tiles and fun colors that really make their floor stand out.

Tile is definitely going to cost more and need a little more TLC than fiberglass. It isn't exactly a high maintenance product, but tile does need to be treated and sealed to stand up to all the moisture in a shower. Most importantly, the grout lines to be resealed. This is a job that you need to repeat once every two to three years. As long as you tile floor is sealed and cleaned on a normal schedule, it will last just as long as a fiberglass pan.

Tile and fiberglass both make great materials for custom shower pans. Make sure you find the product that best fits your project budget.