2 Things To Consider When Vaping Hemp Oil

If you want to switch from smoking dried flowers to vaping hemp oil, you need to understand that the traits and qualities that make a good flower are different than the traits and qualities that make a good hemp CBD oil for vaping.

#1 Flavor

When you smoke flowers, the flavor is based on how the plant was grown, how it smells and how it tastes. Flowers are breed to create specific aromas and tastes by cross-breeding different species with one another. 

With hemp oils, the flavor of the natural flower is basically boiled out during the creation process of the oil. The original flavor of the plant is all but lost. To give the oil flavor, the flavor is added back in. The flavor may be more natural and set to resemble a natural weed flower. Or the flavor may be more fruity, such as a strawberry flavor. The amount of flavor added can change the experience of smoking a particular oil. 

It only takes a very small amount of flavor to give taste to your oils. Too much flavor can easily overpower a good oil.

#2 Strength

When you smoke a cannabis flower, a THC level of twenty to thirty percent is considered really high.To see anything above twenty to thirty percent THC from a cannabis flower is practically unheard of. 

This is not the same when it comes CBD oils. With CBD oils, the THC is cultivated to a very high percentage. It is not uncommon to see THC levels of sixty percent or more when you look at the oil percentage. 

The other measure of strength is the CBD level. In cannabis flowers, the CBD level is usually really low. Recreational cannabis generally has a lower CBD level whereas medical cannabis has a higher CBD level. Many cannabis flowers have less than one percent of CBD. 

Hemp oils, on the other hand, have extremely high levels of CBD levels, increasing the medical quality of the oil. Many CBD oils have a percentage that more closely mirrors the levels of THC found in cannabis flowers, not the percentage of CBD.

Hemp CBD oils have high levels of THC and CBD, especially when compared to cannabis flowers. Hemp oils also generally have less of a cannabis flower taste, and more of an artificial flavor taste to them. They are stronger and should be taken in small doses at first to understand how it will affect you. 

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