3 Cost-Effective Places To Buy Used Restaurant Equipment

Starting a new restaurant can be an expensive endeavor. Not only do you have to pay for quality labor, you need the right kitchen equipment on hand. This equipment can get expensive, but you can save some money when you buy used. Here are some great places that offer used restaurant equipment, for extra savings. 

Failing Restaurants 

Unfortunately, a lot of restaurants don't make it far in this heavily competitive industry. Whether it's because of poor quality food or bad customer service, there may be restaurants in your area going out of business. You can turn their misfortune into your gain by investing in their restaurant equipment.

The equipment may not be in perfect condition, but failed restaurant owners usually mark their equipment down tremendously to quickly recoup some of the money they invested. As such, drive around your town and keep on eye out for those going-out-of-business signs. Reach out to the owner and see what equipment you can take off their hands.

Garage Sales 

When you often think of a garage sale, restaurant equipment probably doesn't immediately come to mind. However, you can find some basic essentials, at a good price, that would benefit your kitchen tremendously.

Some items to keep a lookout for include chef knives, bowels, mixers, utensils, cutting boards, electric carving knives, whisks, oven mitts, and aprons. A lot of these household items will work just fine in the commercial restaurant industry. Additionally, haggling with sellers at garage sales is extremely easy because they're often keen on getting rid of stuff they foresee as unnecessary or junk.

Supply Stores 

If you're lucky enough to live in a big city, there's probably a supply store that has access to all sorts of used restaurant equipment. These stores make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for, be it a commercial oven or deep fryer. 

The best part about these stores is they often sell damaged equipment at a discounted price. These pieces may perform like they're perfectly new, only they have minor scratches and dents. These are simple cosmetic issues that won't affect the quality of your food or cooking efficiency at all. 

Your life as a restaurant owner just got a little easier thanks to the abundance of sources for used restaurant equipment. Just make sure you buy from reputable sources and inspect the equipment thoroughly. You wouldn't want to cause an accident or cook low quality food just to save money, after all. Contact a service, like YOUR EQUIPMENT GUYS, for more help.