2 Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Leather Couch

If you have recently purchased a new leather couch, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do to take care of it so that the material does not dull or crack. If so, use the following tips to clean and take care of your leather couch.

Dust the Leather with a Dry Cloth

When your couch gets dusty or dirty from use, you may be tempted to pull out a cleaning solution to wipe off the leather and make it shiny. While cleaning the leather with a water-based cleaner will seem to make it shine temporarily, it can also cause long-term damage to the material.

The chemicals in most cleaners absorb into the leather and start breaking down the material. Shortly after cleaning the leather with them, the material will look dull and eventually start to crack.

Instead of reaching for a cleaner, simply wipe the dust and dirt away with a dry cloth. If the dirt seems embedded into the leather, use a microfiber cloth that can pull away more particles and leave the surface cleaner.

If you have any areas that are especially dirty or have spills on them, you have two options. You can either have the couch professionally cleaned, or you can use a cleaner specifically designed for leather. Ask the furniture store representative for recommendations on what brand you should use.

Condition the Leather Once or Twice a Year

Even if you clean your couch properly, eventually the material will dry out. This is especially true if it sits in the sun or near a heat vent. If left dry without intervening, the leather will become brittle and start to crack over time, especially in areas where you sit the most.

At least once a year, use a leather conditioner to add moisture back into the material. The conditioner can help keep the leather supple and smooth, preventing deterioration and cracking. 

However, if your leather couch is sitting in an area that makes it more prone to drying, condition it every three to six months. If you are unsure as to what conditioner to use, ask someone at the furniture store about the ideal product to use.

Using the above tips can help you maintain the richness of your new leather couch. If you have any questions or need recommendations for suitable products, speak with a representative at the store for further advice. To learn more about leather care, talk with the professionals at Universal Leather