3 Fun Ways To Spice Up The Anniversary Bouquet You'll Be Surprising Your Loved One With

Surprising your loved one with an anniversary bouquet is a fun way to celebrate the occasion. But if you want to really show your appreciation for your significant other, consider spicing the bouquet up using one or more of the following ideas.

1. Incorporate Edibles

A fun and easy way to spice up your loved one's anniversary bouquet is to incorporate edibles into it before it's presented. Not only will your loved one enjoy the color and scent of the flowers you surprise them with, but they'll get to indulge in a variety of edibles that they may not treat themselves to on a regular basis. Consider incorporating one or more of the following items into your loved one's anniversary bouquet:

  • Hershey's Kisses

  • Lollipops

  • A Box of Sweethearts

  • Chocolate Tea Bags

  • Caramel Chews

  • Cinnamon Sticks

Use pieces of ribbon to attach the edibles to the bouquet by wrapping one end of the ribbon around the edibles and then tying the other end of the ribbon to the flower stems.

2. Feature Photos

Another fun way to customize the bouquet and create a more memorable experience for your loved one is to feature photos of you guys together within the bouquet. Choose three to five photos that depict different timelines of your past life together and have them printed on card stock the size of business cards, then have the card photos laminated.

Attach the card photos to the end of paperclips or plastic card holders and then stick the paperclips or holders into the case or foam inserts that the bouquet of flowers come in. The photos should stick slight out in front of the flowers so that they can be easily seen without overtaking the beauty of the flowers.

3. Include a Certificate

Surprise your loved one with a gift that keeps on giving by including a gift certificate with the bouquet of flowers. Whether your loved one enjoys spending time at the spa, like camping in the forest, or has been wanting to take a staycation, you can give them a gift certificate that helps make their small dream come true. Once the flowers in the bouquet have died, your loved one can reach for the gift certificate and prolong their anniversary experience.

Make sure the bouquet you choose is ready to be picked up or is delivered a day before you want to surprise your loved one with it, so you have time to embellish it with one or more of the options outlined here. For more information, check out a website like https://www.marineflorists.com/.