Features To Look For In A New Kitchen Faucet That Make Cooking And Cleaning Easier

If you're frustrated with your kitchen faucet because it's not tall enough or because it's old and outdated, then it's time to shop for a new one. New faucets are not only stylish, they make it easier to cook and clean thanks to features not found in older, basic faucets. Here are some features you may want for your new faucet.

Hands-Free Operation

If you worry about germs on the handles of your faucet, you may want a faucet that operates with motion detection or by bumping the top of the faucet with the back of your hand. This saves you from having to wash the handles frequently during the day. When you've been touching raw meat or scrubbing the floor, you can just bump the faucet or move your hands in front of it and the water comes on without you having to contaminate the handle with raw meat or dirty hands.

Hands-free faucets also have handles for the times you want to use them. The handles may be mounted directly on the faucet or be inserted through your sink. When you shop for a new kitchen faucet, look for one with the same configuration as you have now if you want it to install easily. Your faucet may have one or two handles so buying a similar model will prevent the need to drill additional holes in the sink. It's easier to plug a hole than it is to make a new one, so consider the handle configuration carefully unless you're also getting a new sink and are free to choose whatever you want.

Built-In Sprayer

Older sinks that have sprayers often have them separate from the faucet, but newer faucets come with a sprayer built in. You can pull the sprayer out of the faucet when you want a close stream of water for washing vegetables and you can leave the sprayer in place when you aren't using it so it is out of the way. The advantages of a built-in sprayer are that it is more convenient to use and it takes up less space on the sink. Plus, if your current sink doesn't have an opening for a sprayer, buying one in your new faucet is an easy way to finally have one.

High-Arc Design

If you struggle to wash a stock pot or other large things in your sink because the faucet is too low and in the way, then a high-arc design might be perfect for you. These allow for more clearance between the faucet and the sink so it's easier to get big pots in the sink and then fill them with water without having to tip them sideways. Just be sure to measure the clearance above the sink before you shop for new faucets so you don't buy a high-arc model that might bump against a window sill or other obstruction.

Shopping for a new faucet is a fun experience because there are so many choices beyond a plain chrome faucet when it comes to design and finishes. A new faucet improves the appearance of your kitchen too by giving it a touch of luxury. Contact a service, like Universal Plumbing, for more help.