Three Types Of Microphones That Your Local Pawn Shop May Sell

If you're looking to buy a microphone, a local pawn shop can be a good place to start the shopping process. While the shop may have some new microphones for sale, you'll more commonly find used products. Generally, buying a used microphone isn't a concern. Provided that the previous owner cared for it — something that you can assess through a careful visual inspection of the device and by testing it out in the shop — you'll have a product that works as well as a new microphone but that doesn't cost nearly as much. Here are three types of microphones that your local pawn shop may be selling.

Dynamic Microphone

A dynamic microphone is a common type of microphone that works well in a number of different applications. This is the type of microphone that many people use on stage — whether they're singing or speaking to a large group. Dynamic microphones tend to have a rugged quality, which means that they're very difficult to damage. This is a good thing for anyone who wishes to buy a used dynamic microphone. Whether you're a musician who is seeking a new mic for your band or you're a business professional who is buying audio gear for presentations, you'll likely find this type of microphone at a local pawn shop.

Shotgun Microphone

A shotgun microphone, which some people also call a "directional microphone," is a type of device that captures the sound from a specific target — rather than from the room or outdoor space as a whole. Today, many people use this type of microphone on their cameras and smartphones. If you're a vlogger or an independent journalist, you may wish to buy one of these devices. Using one will dramatically improve the sound quality that you get during your camera and smartphone recordings.

Lavalier Microphone

Lavalier microphones generally clip to your lapel and run to a control pack that you mount to your belt or keep in your pocket. This is a perfect type of microphone for providing a high-quality sound recording, given the close proximity of the microphone to your mouth. Many people use lavalier mics — if you're a church pastor, for example, this microphone is ideal because it allows you to keep your hands free while you talk. You can often find each of these styles of microphones at your local pawn shop, giving you an affordable alternative to buying these products new.

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