3 Reasons To Wear EMF Protection Jewelry At Home

With modern technology and wireless devices, humans are exposed to EMF radiation on a daily basis. The electric and magnetic field rays come from numerous devices, but EMF protection jewelry helps neutralize the exposure you have.

While you may find it normal to wear the protection jewelry while you are outside the home, there are numerous reasons to keep the protection on while you're at home as well. Learn more about EMF protection jewelry below.

1. Appliance Exposure

Both large and small appliances will emit EMF radiation through your home. Some of the largest amounts are found in the kitchen, where you may have a refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave. Smaller appliances like coffee makers, air fryers, and toasters may also emit EMF. 

When items like refrigerators and freezers run all day, the EMF is a constant in a kitchen. When you wear EMF protection jewelry like an authentic shungite bracelet, you can help neutralize your exposure while still using the appliances in your home.

2. Wi-Fi Connections & Smart Home Devices

As home technology improves, so does the amount of EMF exposure. Wi-Fi routers not only send wireless connections through the air, but they also emit EMF radiation. If you have smart home devices like doorbell cameras or smart thermostats, then the EMF radiation occurs on a daily basis.

You can wear small pieces of prevention jewelry to help. For example, you may wear a ring or a thin necklace. If you set daily reminders to wear your jewelry, it will soon become a regular thing that you do not have to worry about.

Even if you do not have Wi-Fi in your home, Wi-Fi signals can extend from neighborhood homes, and so can the EMF radiation. When you go outside, you can wear non-invasive jewelry to help limit the radiation impact and feel better about your exposure.

3. Guests & Visitors With EMF Radiation

When you invite others into your home, they may bring radiation into the home that even they are not aware of. The main source of the radiation comes from the cell phones people always carry with them. Cell phones will emit EMF radiation, especially when connected to Wi-Fi or a data network.

You can wear the jewelry when you have guests over so you do not need to ask them to turn off their phones or leave them behind. Some friends may need their phones for communication needs and will not leave the phones behind. A pendant necklace is one option that will help neutralize the radiation that anyone else brings into the home.

With some careful planning, you can use EMF jewelry and feel better about your daily activities at home.