Keys To Buying Needlepoint Canvases

If you plan on participating in needlepointing, then you'll need to purchase a canvas. Then you'll be able to needlepoint all kinds of things depending on what you're in the mood for. Use these tips, and your needlepoint canvas search will be smooth.

Choose Between Single and Double Thread

You'll find two options for needlepoint canvas types: single and double thread canvases. Which one you choose does matter in how you're able to needlepoint. Usually, the more simple projects work best with a single thread canvas. You're not trying to be complex, and thus don't require a complex canvas.

Whereas if you're trying to do a lot of intricate things with needlepoint, it's probably a good idea to get a double thread canvas that supports complex work more favorably. You could also work with both and then see which canvas type you like most when needlepoint comes into the picture.

Ensure Canvas is Durable

You are going to put a needlepoint canvas through a lot, regardless of what you're trying to achieve with this embroidery process. As a precaution, make sure your needlepoint canvas is durable so that it doesn't break down while you work with on it.

Each strand should hold up to your needlepointing and give you confidence, no matter what motions you put the needlepoint canvas through. If a needlepoint canvas is stiff and doesn't have a lot of give to it, that's a good indicator of durability, and you can trust this canvas going forward.

Utilize Guides for Added Direction 

If you haven't had practice with needlepoint on a canvas, then you probably want to utilize guides. They will show you where to put your needle with fabric, saving you from making a lot of mistakes.

You can place these guides over the needlepoint canvas you end up purchasing and then have clear direction about what to do. Just make sure the guides feature a subject matter you want to work with and secure these guides appropriately onto your canvas. Then they won't be prone to moving around and messing up your needlepoint results. 

Needlepoint is a special type of embroidery that you can use to create a lot of things, such as decorative pieces to put on walls and in display cases. If you're able to find the right needlepoint canvas to set up this embroidery hobby, you'll be thoroughly pleased with the outcome of your project.