Three Locket Designs That You'll Find In A Jewelry Store

If you don't own a locket that you can hang from a necklace, you may wish to visit a local jewelry store to assess what options are available. A locket can quickly become one of your most prized pieces of jewelry. If you're a parent or a grandparent, placing a small photo of your children or grandchildren inside of the locket can help you feel as though they're always close to your heart. Jewelry retailers typically have a number of different lockets for sale, so you can assess these various designs to find what might work best for you. Here are three designs that you'll find.

Heart Locket

Heart lockets are extremely common. Given that people typically place images of people that they love inside of this piece of jewelry, the heart shape makes sense. Additionally, when it's hanging from a chain, the locket will typically be just a few inches from your heart. If the heart shape resonates with you, you can browse the available options. You'll almost certainly find heart-shaped lockets in both gold and silver, and there may be additional colors for sale. Some heart lockets have a simple, smooth design, while others are more ornate.

Envelope Locket

If you want to choose a locket that perhaps looks a little less common than one that is shaped like a heart, another design to consider is an envelope. Envelope-shaped lockets present you with different opportunities for what you might want to place inside. Often, people place a small piece of paper inside of their envelope locket, which ties in well with the look of this piece of jewelry. You can write the name or initials of your significant other or children on the piece of paper. Or, if you have certain words that you want to remember — perhaps "patience" or "gratitude" — you can write them on the paper and tuck them safely away in the envelope.

Book Locket

A locket that is shaped like a book can be a design that is appealing to lots of people. Avid readers, teachers, and authors may all feel that this shape resonates with them, for example. Many book-shaped lockets have an antique look to them; bronze is a common material for this type of jewelry, which gives the piece an aged appearance. You can place a small rectangular photo inside of a book-shaped locket, but this space also works well for a few special words written on a tiny piece of paper.