Graduating From College? Two Reasons To Personalize Your Stole

A college commencement ceremony is a time for celebration and reflection. You have put in the work, often spending long, sleepless nights studying for an exam or heading to the library for hours of research. You have now reached the pinnacle and all of your efforts have made you eligible for graduation. While gowns are usually standard, the stole you will wear with your gown is an important accessory that you may be able to have some fun with. Keep reading to see why a customized graduation stole is an important way for you to reveal who you are.

List Your Achievements With Pride

There are likely a number of things you had to do to reach this point in your life. Maybe you decided to go back to school after raising a family and have had to endure many sacrifices to get to this level. Why not showcase your accomplishments by listing them on your graduation stole? Every event is an important part of your journey and you deserve to shout about it so the whole world can hear!

For example, if your children had to stay with a sitter while you attended classes you can put a family portrait at the base of your stole. Or, if you joined a number of organizations during your matriculation feel free to list those groups on the stole as well. It's all about showcasing your accomplishments and taking pride in the hard work it took to make them all happen.

Stand Out By Personalizing Your Stole

If you happen to be part of a particularly large graduating class it can be hard to stand out. You don't want to get lost in a sea of hats because if you have visitors coming to the venue, they may not be able to spot you if you don't stand out.

Although your school will probably have certain basic stole requirements that you must adhere to, there is still room for you to put your uniqueness on display. Maybe you can put a special word across the back of the stole in bold letters that can be seen from a distance. Doing this makes it easy for your loved ones to keep track of you until you walk across the stage.

Your graduation stole should be a keepsake that reminds you of a very special day. Make it extra wonderful by having your stole personalized into a total reflection of you.