These Side Jobs For Nurses Won't Overwhelm You

Working as a nurse can be one of the most emotionally draining jobs in the world, but many people want to do something more than this. Putting other skills to use and making some money from it can be a lot of fun. You might be looking for a side job that will use your skills without overwhelming you.

These are some of the side jobs you might consider if you are a nurse and want to have a job that isn't going to be overwhelming.

Health Care Writer

One of the best side jobs for nurses is becoming a health care writer. You can use your experience as a nurse to write articles, blog posts, or even books about different aspects of health care. You can offer your services to companies or write for yourself. This is a good side job because you can put your nursing skills to use without working as a nurse. You'll use a different skill set, including writing, editing, and consulting with clients, so that you aren't doing additional nursing work.

Health Care Consultant

If you want to use your nursing skills, you can become a health care consultant. You can offer your services to companies or individuals who need help with health care. You can help with choosing health insurance, choosing the right doctor, or understanding their medical bills. As a nurse, you have valuable insight others do not have. This means you have a lot to add to the conversation.


Another great option for nurses is becoming an instructor. You can offer classes on different aspects of health care, such as first aid or CPR. You can also offer classes on specific topics, such as how to care for a newborn. This is a great job because you can use your nursing knowledge to help people. You can also set your own hours and provide classes during your off hours or online.


If you want to help people in a different way, you can become a tutor. You can offer your services to students who are struggling in their nursing classes. You can help them understand the material and offer study tips. This is a good option for nurses who want to help people but don't want to pick up extra nursing shifts. You can set your own hours as well.

Find the Right Side Job for You

There are many different side jobs for nurses, so you need to find the right one for you. Consider your skills, interests, and goals before you decide on a job. You'll find the right job to meet your needs.

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