Plumbing Parts You May Need When Replacing A Hot Water Heater

While hot water heaters are designed to last for quite a few years, eventually, these home appliances do have to be replaced. If you are facing the task of replacing a hot water heater in your home, you may need a few plumbing parts to get the project done appropriately. 

A water heater is connected to a water input line, as well as lines that lead to hot water outlets throughout the house. Each home's setup can be unique when it comes to how the water heater is connected to water sources and lines. However, there are typically a few parts needed to tackle the project. Therefore, you may need to visit a plumbing parts supply store before getting started. Take a look at a few items you may need along the way. 

Connective Pipe Pieces  

When the old water heater is removed, you will likely have to cut away or unmount several connective pieces that attach incoming and outgoing pipes to the appliance. Therefore, the connectors will have to be replaced when you install the new water heater. You may need to pick up new PVC or copper elbows, T-joints, or straight connectors, for example. Look at the size of your lines and the type of material the lines are made from to determine what plumbing parts you will need. 

Plumber's Tape or Sealant Compound 

Plumber's tape or pipe sealant compound is placed on threaded connections to create a good seal. Some parts you disconnect along the way during water heater installation may be threaded. If you simply screw the new connections in place, there is a chance that the connections will leak. Tape or sealant compound creates a tighter barrier in the threaded line so you don't have any issues. 

Pipe Cleaning Fluid 

Pipe cleaning fluid is used to clean pipes and connect plumbing parts before you put them in place. This solution breaks down any grime or particles that may be on the pieces before adding the adhesive. Any residue can get in the way of the connections having a tight seal, so it is important not to skip this product at the plumbing parts supply store. 

Pipe Adhesive or Solder

Pipe adhesive or glue is used to connect PVC pipes. If you have copper or metal lines, the connection process will not involve adhesive, but you will need a soldering compound to form a tight seal on each of the new lines. In either case, it will be important to make sure you create a tight seal on all newly replaced lines.